CEO Half Year Roundup: The growing digital appetite from our NHS Customers

By October 14, 2019Events
Isosec Platform

It’s been an amazing first half of the financial year at Isosec. Our strong growth trajectory continues, with both new and existing customers taking advantage of our expanded product platform. We’ve not only seen strong demand continue for Virtual Smartcard and our Mobile Platform MIA, but also many new customer sales for our Single Sign On Platform, which includes Tap and Go and Password Reset Self Service. We’ve most recently announced our next generation Web Authentication Platform and we will continue to build out its capabilities with our customer and technology partners, stay posted for more great news on this!

What is equally as exciting to us is the amount of interest the NHS is showing in our overall technology. This shows the direction of travel is changing – it’s clear that our customers are no longer interested or captivated by old style legacy tech – which for the past few years has still been seen by some as a safe landing area. It’s clear the NHS ecosytem is changing; the demand is for digital, cloud, SaaS, fast to deploy, pay only per user and consumer grade software. Isosec thrives within this domain of interest. We feel extremely lucky and optimistic that, after some amazing early adopter customers backed our new tech, we are now way beyond new and dozens of customers benefit from our latest solutions – that’s something we are extremely proud of as a business. 

We’re adaptable, reactive and listen to the voice of our customers. A great example of this is from early 2018, when an NHS Trust asked us if we could make Virtual Smartcard work with RPA? Of course was the answer, we worked hard and fast and within two weeks had our first go-live. The rest, as they say, is history as we now support many RPA customers – something that delivers amazing value for processes like NHS e-referrals. 

The team at Isosec continue to work closely with our NHS customers and their dedication is the true catalyst for our success. We are focused on fast yet sustainable business growth that allows us to continue to invest in both products and people – making the world of Identity and Access Management even more exciting for our customers. We’ve proudly spent the last 15 years serving our brilliant NHS and Healthcare customers and the future is bright and digital for us all.

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