Identity Agent

Our identity agent software for reliable and lightning speed authentication in VDI or desktop environments

The problems

It’s vital to your organisation that your NHS identity agent is both fast and reliable. If it takes a long time to login for clinicians, or even fails to successfully authenticate them every now and then, that valuable time is wasted when it could have been spent on patients.

The challenge

To make the software fast might mean making it less sophisticated, but then it wouldn’t be able to do full authentications to the NHS Spine and mandate a full identity check every time a user authenticates. Our challenge was to ensure our identity agent can do both, and do it efficiently.

Our approach

Our high performance NHS identity agent that provides an integrated set of authentication services for NHS staff. It enables the provision and management of secure, rapid and seamless application access with integrated Windows and Spine authentication. iO can be used across multiple devices and platforms for a more mobile and efficient workforce.

The iO Suite

iO Desktop

A simple, reliable and high-speed NHS identity agent for standard Windows desktops that is guaranteed to work with all Spine enabled applications.

iO Virtual Desktop

An enterprise NHS identity agent for any virtual desktop infrastructure, removing the need to reauthenticate and relaunch smartcard enabled applications. Virtual desktop sessions can also be resumed on a tablet device without a smartcard enabling mobility in a ward environment.

iO Logon

Provides integrated Windows Desktop and Spine logon using an NHS smartcard. Works with a simple smartcard tap and can remember the user’s passcode, depending on local policy. iO Logon work seamlessly with iO Desktop and iO Virtual Desktop to ensure streamlined, fast and efficient access to clinical applications.


Rapid Authentication

Our NHS identity agent saves on average 30 seconds per login per user, who may login an average of 5 times per day. This means that with iO an average Trust of 500 users would be saving more than 100 hours per week, just by eliminating unproductive processes.

Seamless Authentication

With just one authentication iO obviates the need to login multiple times and reduces the need to reset and recall multiple passwords. By improving user experience clinicians are more productive. By saving time, there is more available for clinicians to spend on patient care, rather than it being wasted on inefficient technology.

Privacy and Governance

With screen blanking and session locking, patient data is more secure and private during consultations. With iO all data is logged for a clear audit trail and workflow management. In iO Analytics all authentications can be pinpointed with GPS and geotagging for compliance purposes. The simplicity of using NFC deters users from sharing cards or leaving them in devices.

Business Intelligence

Clinical efficiency is improved with iO with a more mobile workforce as they are not tied to one device registered to them. With Isosec Analytics Trusts can monitor and manage user authentications. Comprehensive information shows how long end-to-end authentication is taking and which Spine applications are being used by whom. This enables optimisation of devices within the Trust to ensure optimal performance for all users.

Improved Patient Care

By improving clinical experience, resources are freed up to improve patient care too. iO works without being cumbersome to clinicians, as a result they consistently save crucial time in Emergency Departments for example, where there is simply no time to spare for awkward multiple logins and passcodes.