Webinar highlights: Barts Health NHS Trust – the journey to transforming authentication with Isosec Virtual Smartcards

Barts Health NHS

Isosec and Barts Health NHS Trust have had a long-standing partnership, and were proud to present their work together in a live webinar, supported by HTN.

The webinar showcased Bart’s fantastic work prior to and throughout the pandemic, in ensuring their users were able to easily and securely authenticate to NHS Spine and clinical systems, using the cloud-based Virtual Smartcard solution, provided by Isosec.

Isosec’s CEO Michael Latimer and CTO Marc Poulaud, were joined by Andrew Vince, Head of People Systems and Insight at Barts Health. Andrew shared a brief history of the Trust and their own journey to driving digital adoption throughout the organisation. With over 17,000 staff, Andrew explained “pretty much every clinician has a smartcard for access to clinical systems – if they don’t have a smartcard, they can’t get in.”

Andrew also shared how the Trust are moving towards more digital journeys in areas such as ePrescribing. The use of Virtual Smartcard has enabled their teams to connect the dots and make processes like access to their EPR seamless. As the Trust saw usage of Virtual Smartcard rise from 7,000 to 9,000, their users have quickly made the solution a welcome part of their NHS system access journey. Michael Latimer added that Isosec runs a ‘net promoter score’ to track end user feedback within the product, and Barts had an organisational NPS score of 74, which it considers “outstanding”.

For the full write up on the webinar, visit the HTN website. For a recording of the webinar, you can watch it here.

Find out more about Isosec Virtual Smartcard. Want to see it in action? Watch our demo video.

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