Our values feed through everything we do. We live and breathe innovation because we believe we’re delivering the best solutions to our customers. Our company culture, our products and our customer service are all developed in collaboration with the organisations we work with.

  • Innovation – We are market leaders because we’re always ahead of the curve, and the competition when it comes to software.
  • Communication – Our support and communication is our greatest tool to improve our products. We’ll never be hard to reach.
  • Expertise – All of our team are experts in their field who are committed to and passionate about their work.
  • Culture – We use an agile approach to our technology and also our culture. If our people are happy, they deliver better work.
  • Collaboration – We are proud to work in partnership with healthcare organisations as equals striving for a greater healthcare service.


“We empower people to be creative and come up with great ideas so they become integral to the company’s success” Marc Poulaud, Co-Founder




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