Blue Skies and an Indian Summer at Isosec

By June 25, 2018Events

Two events have been a major focus for us in the last week in the Isosec office…

Firstly, we seem to be moving into a wonderful cycle of deep blue skies and increasingly warm weather and, secondly, Isosec have just made the very exciting move into our new HQ at Quay West, Media City. Both have been a while coming, but both equally welcome by all of our Team!

It begs the question of whether we are moving into an Indian Summer in terms of our work with the NHS? I certainly think so, by and large. There is no question that there is real state of change emerging in the NHS, champions are making themselves known who are willing to ask that important question – why can’t we do it? As we deal with so many Trusts, week in week out, we feel we have at least one finger on the pulse.

I am amazed and inspired by the help we get from so many technical leaders within our existing and prospective customer ecosystem – they really do care about what is best for the NHS – what makes sense and how they can improve not only patient care but free up the time and cost to help make this happen – and I applaud them. Yes, we still engage with some who resist change, sometimes because they are just cautious (and I understand this) but also sometimes because it’s change and change is not a good thing – and I don’t get how this can make best practice a reality.

I am now 6 months in to my CEO role at Isosec and I can definitely vouch for a changing NHS, and changing for the better. Yes, we still have a way to go. Yes, there are still regulatory processes in place that are nearly as old as I am, but we seem to have started the journey. I am really excited and proud of the work that Isosec does with our customers and partners, I love seeing the benefits of really good software that does great things at a realistic price. We’re very excited to see how our new and improved office can support us to do that even more.

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