Virtual Smartcard

Work smarter, not harder

Authenticating to NHS systems shouldn’t be so complicated. With a Virtual Smartcard, it’s simple. Authenticate to the NHS Spine and access clinical apps on any device, from any platform, anywhere. It’s fast, simple and secure.

The problems

Physical smartcards slow you down - when they go missing, get lost, or card readers aren’t working. Managing physical smartcards wastes time, money and patient contact.

The challenge

Creating a solution that matches the strong identity checks and cybersecurity levels required is complex, but with 18 years of experience working with the NHS, we’re able to meet this challenge.

Our solution

Virtual Smartcard benefits your organisation as a whole by simplifying other authentication processes. From Robot Process Automation, to eReferrals and ePrescribing.

Using your

Virtual Smartcard
Accredited NHS Spine access

Users of Virtual Smartcards are able to simply set up NHS Spine access with 2-factor authentication themselves, through a QR code and secure passcode.

Seamless integration

By seamlessly integrating to any clinical systems and apps, Virtual Smartcards provides a consistent experience for end users, IT teams and management.

Advanced digital signature

Processes such as ePrescription service are streamlined with Advanced Digital Signature. With biometric authentication, issuing prescriptions is faster and simpler.

Virtual RA

Registration Authorities can easily issue and manage cards from the Virtual RA Manager portal, without the need for the users to be in the RA office.


No longer reliant on the RA office, users can manage their own passwords, security questions, and set up their own devices for authentication.


Every use of a Virtual Smartcard is audited, geotagged and digitally signed. Individual Spine user details makes identifying issues with cards simple and easy to find.

Kent & Midway entrance
“Isosec Virtual Smartcard technology has allowed the Trust to adapt working practices to meet the needs of our staff in a way that wasn’t possible before.”
Kent and Medway NHS
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Benefits of Virtual Smartcard
Isosec VSc app

Saves time

Most RA managers lose an average of up to 10 hours a week managing physical smartcards. With Virtual Smartcards they’re able to quickly reset and batch issue cards within a matter of minutes, saving vast amounts of time.

Easy to Self Serve

You can easily manage your own Virtual Smartcard through the self service portal, so you don’t have to wait on local IT support for help for things like resetting your password, or setting up your authentication devices.

Faster remote working

Virtual Smartcards work on any device and in any environment, such as Virtual Desktop, making remote working easier for users. Being cloud-based, there’s no need for infrastructure upheaval or investment in onsite equipment which makes maintaining smartcards simpler for organisations.

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