Isosec Analytics

By putting the software usage data in the hands of the organisation we believe your workforce can be more agile and responsive to potential issues, plus you can set specific datasets to meet individual KPIs.

The problems

Without a view of how software and services are performing within your organisation you don’t have access to any evidence as to why they are worthwhile. Maybe you have a gut instinct that a piece of software fails a lot, but without a clear audit log how can you prove it? Or maybe it’s often human error on systems that fail, but no evidence to be used for increasing training availability.

The challenge

We have faith in the software we build, so there isn’t a great challenge for us in providing a very granular set of data on software performance. The NHS does face challenges in justifying budget for new technology and resources however, so by showing exactly how much the software is saving an organisation each day it’s easy for IT teams to evidence how useful technology can be.

Our approach

The Isosec analytics dashboard is available to provide real-time reporting on all technical events across each one of our software products. Whether it’s how many observations are completed with MIA per day on a tablet device, or authentications over the course of a week with our identity agent, the analytics dashboard provides a rich set of data available at the touch of a button for IT Managers and their teams.


Complete Audit Trail

Nothing is more important than having an unequivocal view of the data within your organisation, without it it’s difficult to make accurate decisions about your workforce or to justify the need for extra technology or licenses for example. With Isosec Analytics all technical events using our software is presented in an easy to navigate system that you can report on specific KPI’s, software app and system usage, user activity and even risk reporting.

GPS Location Tracking

Our most visual feature is the GPS mapping of Isosec Analytics. With this a real-time view of where the technology your Trust uses is being used, which for when you have mobile solutions it’s very visible of the spread of the technology and how it is clearly benefitting your workers. It’s also great for spotting any anomalies, if you can see someone is trying to access your Trust’s software from Scotland and you’re in Plymouth it could be worth keeping an eye on.

Report Generator

The Report Generator tool enables searching for an individual, team or device and see a breakdown of all data collected in relation to a defined search criteria. It can also show all devices any user has been using together with which Isosec products and Spin applications. Information Information about the number of authentications, duration and time of day can also be shown together with a location finder showing GPS information (where available).


Cost Saving

With a full view of the technical events in your organisation, it’s much more visible where spending could be better managed. The Isosec Analytics service has a Cost Saving feature demonstrating any bottlenecks in the process such as locked physical smartcards for example, and indicating just how much these avoidable instances could be costing you.

Risk Reduction

With paper processes it’s not easy to attain a view of any overall processes in your organisation. But by putting the data into an easy to use system like Isosec Analytics managers have an unequivocal view of all technical events using our software. This means areas like cybersecurity can be more easily managed with  potential threats addressed. For example, if one user resets their password every other day, it’s likely they would benefit from some password management training which would avoid them writing passwords down to remember them, and a potential data breach.

Information Governance and Compliance

With an easily accessible system like Isosec Analytics, NHS usage of Isosec software is readily available in real-time. This means management can access, drill-down into, create reports at the click of a button and run comparisons all without having to spend hours extracting and compiling data from different places and sending them around teams, instead everyone can have their own login to easily see the information.