Single Sign on

The only Single Sign On solution purpose built for the NHS with integrated Spine and AD account login.

The problems

We know how challenging it can be trying to stay secure online, whilst also trying to remember various strong and secure passwords. Especially in the NHS where there are so many different systems, each requiring a level of security depending on your role. A lot of Single Sign On solutions aren’t Cloud based, so they can be resource intensive to manage.

The challenge

The challenge is creating true Single Sign On. Using smartcards combined with remembering passcodes and then having to authenticate to a variety of clinical systems and the NHS Spine is a lot to do in one action, not to mention time consuming and inefficient. We’ve worked hard with our customers and industry partners to tackle this head on.

Our approach

We’ve created a true Single Sign On product that will link both to the NHS Spine and to your Windows AD account. This has not only made it easy to log in day to day with a streamlined process, but also harnessed the power of our range of identity and access solutions for additional benefits. We’ve worked hard to bring you an inter-operable system that is lightweight, secure and easy to use.


Tap and Go

As our SSO solution is the only true Single Sign On to both your Windows AD account and the NHS Spine in one.  No double tap or card insertion required, using an RFID tag you will be able to literally, tap and then go. Plus, you can tap off to sign out as well. Other authentication methods are soon to include the Isosec Authenticator App (with Push Notification, QR code and Timed One Time Passcode), and a FIDO2 key.

Follow Me

Our SSO solution has ‘follow me’ functionality as standard for VDI infrastructures, so when you’re busy and need to stay connected on the move, your sessions and workspace won’t be compromised – you can easily relaunch everything you were doing on one screen, straight onto another with no need for any additional logins.

Cloud based self-service

Being based in the cloud means easy implementation and management, with self-service features so users can take care of their own methods of authentication. We’re system, device and operating system agnostic, so whatever you’re using, it’s no problem. SSO is easy to consume and deploy, with no on-premise appliance required and subscription is SaaS, so the bonus is that you only pay for what you’re using.


Time Saving

You need rapid access to information to provide the best care, but managing multiple Sign On solutions wastes valuable time. Using capabilities from our Identity Agent and Virtual Smartcard which are both time saving solutions in themselves; we’ve built them into SSO, saving you more time than ever before for your NHS Login.

Self Serve

Your NHS staff have more important jobs to do than trying to remember passwords that each meet security standards, lives are in their hands. So instead of giving them something else to carry, unlock their ability to self serve with Single Sign On. They’ll experience one streamlined process which will save them time and effort.


Isosec has been a Smartcard security provider for over 15 years. Your security online is our priority and SSO has layers of additional security standards on top of NHS mandated ones to ensure your patient data, users and organisation are protected and meeting all Information Governance guidelines.