Strong Isosec Year End Thanks To Virtual Smartcard

By March 28, 2018Events

Safe to say it’s been an incredible last quarter here at Isosec all thanks to Virtual Smartcard!

We launched Virtual Smartcard on January 23rd 2018 at the Cyber Security Event that took place at Liverpool’s Anfield Stadium. We were absolutely delighted with the interest shown and the number of NHS Trusts that took the time to meet with us and have productive conversations about how Virtual Smartcard can improve efficiency in the NHS.

Since then, our team have been extraordinarily busy! In the short 9 weeks since the launch we have met with Trusts, shown them the Virtual Smartcard functionality and potential and answered a multitude of questions. Most refreshing of all has been the attitude of our customers and how they want to embrace a secure, digital and efficient solution that removes the heavy duty reliance on physical smartcards in the NHS.

Just this week, we have added two new NHS Trusts to our customer base for Virtual Smartcard, taking the total number of users to six NHS Trusts. Considering that we only launched at the end of January, this is a result all of us at Isosec are very proud of. Our team works hard to meet and exceed customer expectations and in return our customers love us, our products and our service ethos.

As we head into a new Financial Year from April, we expect to add more Trusts to our Virtual Smartcard base. What we haven’t forgotten about are our customers who, whilst looking at Virtual Smartcard, still need to utilise physical smartcards. Sales of our Identity Agent iO are also up significantly this year and we are now pleased to say that we are closing in on 100,000 users.

As always, I want to thank our customers for supporting our business and hope everyone has a great Easter break with family and friends.

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