Kent and Medway NHS Trust roll out over 3,000 Virtual Smartcards to access RiO from iPads

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Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust is providing its NHS clinicians and staff with a faster, easier way to authentication to the NHS clinical apps and systems, with Isosec Virtual Smartcard. 

The mental health trust employs over 3,400 staff, working across 66 different buildings on 33 sites, as well as working out in the community. So the benefits of adopting Virtual Smartcard technology across the organisation has been significant for the Trust. Staff are easily able to authenticate to NHS systems quickly, from any location, on any device. 

Isosec Virtual Smartcard is a cloud-based service, so it removes the burdens associated with physical smartcards such as lost or misplaced cards. Being self-service, it’s also easy for staff to enrol their own Virtual Smartcard and manage their own credentials, no longer relying on visiting IT support onsite, or waiting for assistance to solve things like forgotten passwords.  

Lisa Packham, Deputy Head Clinical Information Systems, said “Isosec Virtual Smartcard technology has allowed the Trust to adapt working practices to meet the needs of our staff in a way that wasn’t possible before. It allows the team who issue Virtual Smartcards to do so from any location, and the staff that require the Virtual Smartcards no longer have to go to a Trust site to pick  them up (like they do with a physical smartcard) because they can enrol remotely via self-service and get immediate access. So far we have issued more than 3,000 Virtual Smartcards and this is set to increase as our team continues the roll out. The need for staff to gain access to Virtual Smartcards quickly has never been more important. From our experience, both the speed of user enrolment and the overall Isosec Virtual Smartcard is fantastic.”

Michael Latimer, CEO of Isosec, commented “we are delighted at the impact of the roll out of Virtual Smartcards at Kent and Medway. We’ve worked together as a fantastic team, and it is great to see so many of the Trust’s staff benefitting from the service already. This is another example of our great consumer authentication in the hands of the people who need it most, our amazing NHS staff.”

We’ve been working together with Kent and Medway since 2020 to ensure their staff are empowered to access the full RiO EPR system through iPads, thanks to our Mobile Authentication Platform. Isosec configured the tools needed to lower agency spend, remove administration tasks, reduce waste and minimise travelling expenses whilst enabling thousands of mobile authentications to NHS systems.

Today, Isosec provides more than 100 NHS and healthcare customers with the power of Virtual Smartcard, making authentication to NHS clinical systems fast, secure and easy to use. Isosec Virtual Smartcards have been fully accredited by NHS Digital under their Assurance Framework.

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