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We launched our analytics dashboard as a pilot over a year ago and now we’re excited to announce that it has fully fledged and is now readily available to ALL of our Isosec product users. Keep reading to register for the service.

“Without data you’re just another person with an opinion.”

W. Edwards Deming

Your analytics dashboard is available to provide real-time reporting on all technical events using our software. Whether it’s MIA on tablet devices or authentications with our identity agent iO the analytics dashboard provides a rich set of data for IT Managers and their teams.

Authentication Graphing Isosec Analytics

We believe putting this information in the hands of NHS Trusts and the people who are using and managing our software will give them an unequivocal view of how technology is performing in their environment.

Isosec analytics will provide easily understandable data via graphs and charts for a visual representation of things like failed authentications, device issues, application usage information and which smartcards are being used and at what time, the success rate of authentications and reasons for issues.

Session Persistance Graph Isosec Analytics


Authentication Graph Isosec Analytics

With this information NHS Trusts can potentially preempt any problems before they become a wider issues for clinicians and staff. Whether an authentication problem is due to older software that needs to be updated, hardware malfunction or even user education (Analytics can show information such as number of failed password entry attempts) it is all presented in dashboard format, specific to each NHS Trust.

Isosec Analytics can also present information around efficiency savings that could be made with the Isosec technology in your Trust. We can present any information around locked smartcards and agency staff usage which are notoriously expensive for the NHS.

Cost of Locked Smartcards Isosec Analytics

Agency Staff Graphing Isosec Analytics


If you are an Isosec customer and are already using one of our products you can register for an analytics account here. If you would like to discuss Isosec Analytics or any of the Isosec product range please email us on

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