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About Manchester Mind

Manchester Mind (registered charity number 1102058) was established in 1989. They are an independent charity providing support for 4,000+ people experiencing emotional or mental distress across our city.

In Britain in any one year, 1 in 4 of us will experience a mental health issue. Poor mental health can affect anyone – rich or poor, young or old, at work, within your family or circle of friends. It can shatter the lives of the people affected and the lives of those close to them.

Manchester Mind‘s aims are…

  • Address the effects of poverty, insecurity and poor physical health on mental health
  • Help people to manage their lives and to make positive choices with skill and confidence
  • Promote and create opportunities for people to contribute to their communities
  • Provide information and advice to people to meet their needs and raise awareness about mental health within our city

Their services tackle the root of poor mental health e.g. isolation, poverty, poor housing, lack of access to services, stigma and discrimination, lack of confidence and skills, or aim to help people to improve their quality of life if living with a long-term mental illness. Manchester Mind recognises people’s strengths and involve people in the services delivered to ensure they remain relevant and helpful.

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What We Hope To Achieve

In 2016 Isosec raised £1000 for last year’s chosen charity, Bliss. Through our work with Bliss we improved care for families with premature babies. Together we introduced a checkbox into our mobile app MIA Maternity so Midwives were reminded of the family’s specific needs. This year we hope to do the same for better mental health care.

We are climbing Scafell Pike in August to raise awareness and funds for Manchester Mind. It’s an uphill struggle and we want to challenge ourselves for those who struggle in day-to-day life with mental illness.

Our Mindfulness Mountain Challenge will be all about appreciating nature, exercise and healthy living through Mindfulness and we hope to use some of the techniques we’ve learnt from Manchester Mind to get us up that mountain!

Please donate whatever you can to support us with our challenge! Each member of the team is very passionate about this cause and we’re working hard to make sure the challenge is a success and Manchester Mind gains all the support they deserve. You can keep up with more of our fundraising adventures on Twitter @isosec.

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