iO Identity Agent Hits Milestone of 10,000 NHS Users

By April 22, 2013NHS, Smartcards

After the re-launch of iO with integrated Spine Session Persistence, we now have over 10k clinical users of iO for authenticating to the NHS Spine to get access to clinical applications – this is quite some landmark for us but it is just the beginning!

Part of our Identity Agent service service collects anonymous statistics about the number and frequency of authentications. The really interesting part of this is that we will soon be able to quantify the benefit that a Trust gets with Spine Session Persistence (through not having to log back on to the Spine each time a clinician re-connects to their desktop session). This ability will also extend to our Mobile Information Access (MIA) portal. We’ll then be able to measure how mobile and desktop usage changes going forward.

Interestingly, Spine authentications peak over the middle 3 days of the week in general. I’m interested to see how these figures evolve as we add more Trusts and clinical users over the coming months.

Perhaps I’m a ‘numbers’ geek now too!

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