App Update for MIA Maternity: Version 1.2.4860

This is the latest release from Isosec for the MIA Maternity app. This update contained a number of user experience improvements and fixes to some underlying issues.

The time taken for the initial synchronisation is significantly faster than before due to a number of performance optimisations. This means that after the initial MIA download from the App Store new users will be ready to work in seconds. We have changed the logic to only collect data from the server from the past 90 days, whereas previously it was pulling the entire database history as well as fetching and deleting unnecessary records. This has lead to an improved speed that is 20x faster than the performance of the previous version.

The companion app to MIA Maternity, MIA Manager, has undergone a number of enhancements including the addition of a Custom Form Generation page. This page removes the need for Isosec to issue updates for minor editorial changes such as changing a user phone number. It will allow users with Admin privileges to make such changes to the Contacts page on the MIA Manager application. The form is fully editable and includes drag and drop elements for ease of use, in table editing for impromptu changes and MIA saves a hard copy which is then pushed to all user’s iPads.

One issue that has emerged from the overall process redesign is that patient discharge rates were not often on target. As a result of this we have made another addition to MIA Manager in the form of the Discharge Analysis page. This displays analytics on teams and individuals showing the number of patients that have not been discharged within the recommended 28-day period. Patients in this list are prioritised based on how many days overdue their estimated discharge date they are. The purpose of this Discharge Analysis page is simply for team leaders to monitor the distribution of work in their team and address potential workflow issues in order to work more efficiently and productively.

In conclusion we have clearly demonstrated our main goal of transforming and finessing process design in order for organisations that use our products to work smarter. These seemingly small changes in the products save time and resources, which add up to a more productive workforce. If you are interested in MIA and how we could improve your processes with mobile technology, please get in touch on

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