Exclusive Free Trial of MIA Maternity for RCM Conference 2016

The Royal College of Midwives Annual Conference is one of the biggest dates in our diary. Last year we met so many amazing people, all striving to improve care in Maternity departments in the NHS. This year we’re rewarding those people with an exclusive free trial of MIA Maternity.

Isosec strive to improve the working lives of Midwives with MIA Maternity, the mobile app that replaces inefficient paper processes. MIA reduces admin, travelling and as well as using that time to improve patient care, it also ensures MIA Midwives get home on time! We’ve decided to make your RCM Conference 2016 even more special… We are (very!) excited to officially announce that we are offering an exclusive free trial of MIA Maternity to attendees of the RCM Annual Conference 2016!

This includes the tablet devices, the process redesign to get MIA configured exactly to your working practices and a short pilot period*.


Do you think this sounds like a good idea, but aren’t sure how it could work in your Trust? Or perhaps you need solid evidence of the benefits to having mobile midwives?

Imperial College Healthcare NHS will be showcasing their digital transformation journey with MIA at 12.10 on Day 1. Come along to discuss the benefits of a more efficient workforce through the use of mobile technology.

Midwives from Imperial College Healthcare NHS and our Co-Founders will be on Stand 17 both days to answer any questions you might have.

We are proud sponsors of the RCM Conference App this year so be sure to download it to plan your conference and read more about Isosec.

RCM exhibitor 2016 MIA maternity

Why not follow us on twitter @isosec to keep up with us before the event starts? We’ll be live tweeting from the event using #RCMConf16 and also posting some great tips and tricks from our MIA Midwives on #MIAMidwives.

If you would like any more information or to arrange a meeting at the RCM Conference or otherwise, please email info@isosec.co.uk or use the contact form on our website.

We’re really looking forward to meeting everyone, see you there! 

RCM conference 2016 MIA free trial

*Isosec terms and condition apply.

Award-winning CMFT team using MIA Infant Feeding app

Central Manchester Children’s Community Services: Health Visiting Infant Feeding Team are winners of the Journal of Health Visiting 2016 Award for ‘Best practice in promoting and maintaining breastfeeding’ and have chosen clinical mobile app MIA from Isosec

The national award is in recognition of the work the Infant Feeding team have done to support women in Manchester to breastfeed their babies when presented with complex or ongoing challenges. By offering a home visiting service for clients experiencing urgent feeding difficulties and delivering community sessions for ongoing feeding challenges the team are able to ensure women are given every opportunity to maintain their chosen feeding method and feel confident they receive support when they really need it alongside the ongoing care from their named Health Visitor.

The team has chosen to work with Isosec and adopt the MIA Infant Feeding app to ensure that not only are we able to capture data relating to specific types of referral with measurable outcomes, but we also make best use of client feedback that has been inbuilt into the process. Our client voice is very important to us and by collecting information around performance as well how it has impacted on the relationship between mother and baby, we feel we will be able to ensure our commissioners and service leads feel confident in our ability to provide a quality and effective service.

Our Trust values are at the heart of everything we do and we are working with Isosec to ensure MIA provides us with the opportunity to showcase our hard work.

To read the CMFT Case Study or to book a MIA demo please visit www.isosec.co.uk.


cmft logo

Winners of HSJ Value Awards 2016

Health Service Journal Awards 2016 reveal Isosec Ltd. didn’t win this time in the Obstetrics and Gynaecology category for their mobile app MIA Maternity.

Isosec would like to congratulate St George’s University Hospitals Foundation Trust for their win in the HSJ Award in Obstetrics and Gynaecology recognising Value in Healthcare. Congratulations to Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh Foundation Trust who were highly commended in the category. Isosec was also nominated recognising the success of MIA Maternity at Imperial College NHS in London. It was the third high profile awards nomination for MIA Maternity in the past year.


Marc Poulaud, Co-Founder of Isosec says, “As a company focussed upon delivering solutions that improve patient outcomes, it’s great even to have been nominated so many times for the work we’re doing. The team at Isosec and Imperial look forward to seeing what exciting opportunities MIA Maternity will bring us in the near future.”

Kathy Lanceley, Deputy CIO at Imperial College NHS added, “Working with Isosec has been an absolute revelation. They’ve been responsive to everything we’ve needed; we’ve really learnt how we can do this together. Their maternity solution that we’ve deployed is unique and it’s the first time that our midwives, and probably any others, have had a solution that’s really designed around their working practices, it’s a tailor made fit and they’re very happy.”

The midwives at Imperial have found numerous benefits to using the MIA Maternity app, such as an increase in breastfeeding mothers, an increase in staff satisfaction, decreasing staff sickness, increased data quality and having more time to spend on patient care.

To request a MIA demo please contact us on info@isosec.co.uk or to find out more about the winners HSJ Awards 2016 please visit: www.hsj.co.uk.


RCM Conference 2015

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week we not only remembered the fallen for Armistice Day, but it was the Royal College of Midwives annual conference 2015. Isosec have been at several conferences this year, but never before attended a Maternity/midwife specific event, despite our current star-product MIA being a mobile app solution for the postnatal workflow (thus all of our favourite people to work alongside at the moment being midwives!). The title for this year’s conference was ‘Better Births: Leading the Way for Maternity Care’, so we knew we had brought MIA to the right place.

Not only were we excited to be at the conference for the first time, but we were honoured to be joined by Alice Lewin, Group Practice Midwife at Imperial College NHS Trust who agreed to demonstrate what MIA could do, midwife to midwife. We know we are lucky to work with the team at Imperial and it’s a compliment that they love MIA so much that they want everybody to know about it!

Alice Lewin Imperial College NHS Midwife

Tuesday saw us spending a large portion of our time learning all about the other exhibitors and the diverse range of products they were offering. We heard Whittington talk about ‘Continuity in Postnatal Care’ and how they had fought for companions to be able to stay with mum’s after births; a hugely successful initiative.

Our highlight of the first day though had to be after lunch (no, not lunch itself), ‘Safety First? If It’s Obvious, Why The Challenge?’ chaired by RCM CEO Professor Cathy Warwick. A lady whom we have huge amounts of admiration for especially as she is affiliated with Queen Charlotte’s Hospital in London, part of Imperial NHS who we work alongside to develop MIA- just one on a long list of her achievements!

The session was centred on the Morecambe Bay Investigation Report by Bill Kirkup, who was speaking about how systemic failings had allowed such a thing to happen. The focus however was less on the negative and more about how the attention to the issue has refocused the midwifery community to implement change for the better. Unfortunately for Bill (who laboured the point that it was not his investigation that had damned those involved but the media-spin on it) he was overshadowed by two much larger personalities on the stage, whose outspoken devotion to the idea of change and improving the lives of women giving birth to NHS midwives was moving and inspirational. Karen Guilliand, Chief Executive of New Zealand College of Midwives, discussed how they operate on the other side of the world and how no matter how tight you think a system is there is always room for improvement. Rebecca Schiller, Chair at Birthrights spoke with great clarity on the importance of making the woman the centre of care in midwifery.

The Morecambe Bay midwives did have a stand at the conference too, which was excellent to see. We got a chance to meet Sascha Wells, Deputy Director and Head of Midwifery and her team and we couldn’t think of more capable hands for the department to be in!

The Wednesday felt a little quieter to us, perhaps because Alice had to go back to being a midwife and we were left to our own devices on the stand. We heard a variety of topics discussed such as addressing the gender gap in midwifery,

‘We need to acknowledge that we are a consumer that is 100% women, and the service is delivered by nearly 100% women. So we are already on the back foot, right? The gender issue in midwifery needs to be acknowledged.’ – Rebecca Schiller, Birthrights.

As well as other topics such as reducing stillbirths, midwifery on the National agenda, NHS screening programmes and increasing normality for mum’s in labour.

Our highlight of the second day however had to be the afternoon session on ‘Maternal Mental Health: We Are Making A Difference’ chaired by Mary Ross-Davie from NHS Education, Scotland. Mary addressed the audience herself about From Bump to Bundles, an educational tool for midwives to better support women experiencing perinatal mental health problems, something that felt greatly received by the surrounding midwives as they commented on how there is such a lack of resources and training for them in the area.

We also heard from Consultant Perinatal Psychiatrist Alain Gregoire, University of Southampton. Alain discussed #everyonesbusiness (go and look it up immediately) the latest campaign from the Maternal Mental Health Alliance for the government to release more funding for perinatal mental health (Did you know it would cost just an extra £12.50 for a midwife to be able to provide more specialist mental health care?):

‘If this [Mental Health] was Cardiology the NHS would be shut down overnight.’ – Alain Gregoire, Senior Lecturer, UHS

Finally Katrina Ashton, a specialist mental health midwife from Medway Maritime Hospital took to the stage and brought all of the statistics and practical elements home by referencing her own daughter giving birth in a beautiful calm environment. She reminded the room that perinatal mental health in particular is about a mum’s relationship with her mum, as much of it is passed on to her child, and how it specifically embodies the nature vs. nurture explorations.

Yes, the conference overall was as good as it sounds and we were certainly #PROUDTOBE a part of it. There is a great community in midwifery and despite the struggles they may be facing it is clear to see from this conference that they are forging ahead to implement change for best practice care across the country.

Royal College Midwives #proudtobe conference

If you want to read more about the conference click here.

NHS Innovation Expo 2015

Last week saw the NHS Innovation Expo 2015 land in the heart of DevoManc and just around the corner from Isosec at Manchester Central.

Over the two days there were widespread activities to recognise and drive the uptake of innovation in the NHS. There were key speakers spread over several stages such as Sir Bruce Keogh, Tim Kelsey and Simon Stevens from NHS England as well as drivers from a political level like Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt MP and George Freeman MP. Harold Bernstein was present to discuss the Greater Manchester Devolution with his team who reviewed their plans openly and took questions from the audience. These took place on the Future NHS Stage and there was more to be found on the Innovate Stage which saw speakers such as Beverley Bryant, Director of Digital Technology for NHS England who discussed patient access to their own records. Other topics that buzzed over the two days were mental health, obesity, and compassionate care.

Isosec were on Stand 93 and were thrilled to be part of the Digital Zone. It was great to see so many companies like us, driving change for the NHS digitally and demonstrating where efficiency and benefits can be exposed to the NHS through innovative digital products just like MIA, our clinical mobile app solution for community care.Isosec at the NHS innovation expo 2015

It was also great for us to see other people so focussed on improving maternity services like we are. The team from #MATEXP were inspiring with their session on how social media and local collaboration grew into a platform for driving change in midwifery services. Another highlight for us was a talk on perinatal mental health and learning what the NHS is putting in place to improve services in the area. A huge thank you to the Maternal Mental Health Alliance and Emily Stevens for this highly motivating talk, as well as Giles Berrisford, Perinatal Psychiatrist from Birmingham for the stark figures on the current state of services for new mums with mental health issues. Both of those talks were from the Pop-up university which saw several seminar-like discussions going on that were much more interactive than those on the main stage and highly interesting to have been a part of.NHS innovation expo working together poster

The Innovation Expo also saw the NHS Wildcamp set up which we managed to catch a couple of discussions in, having seen the acclaim they received at our last exhibition The Digital Health Summit 15 with Salford One. Geraldine Strathdee, England’s Clinical Director for Mental Health gave a particularly motivating seminar on mental health issues and ‘the questions people don’t dare to ask’.

Thanks to everyone who came to see Isosec on our stand, it was absolutely brilliant to see so many innovative companies and individuals who will be the next generation of NHS forward thinkers. We loved being part of NHS Innovation Expo 15 and will see you all there next year!

Isosec at the NHS Innovation Expo 2015

Remember: The Future is Mobile!

London Ventures

This week saw an adventure to the capital for Isosec. We travelled down to meet up with our friends at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust to make plans for the EHI Awards Ceremony in October. We may have mentioned it… a couple of times… As we are, in fact, Finalists this year in the Excellence in Mobile Healthcare category. So naturally we’re getting pretty excited about the black-tie awards ceremony in October! We had some photos taken of the Isosec and Imperial teams together ready for the promotional materials on the night. Paddington Basin provided a beautiful setting for the photo’s along the canal as well as some taken on the very same steps the Royals have their first photo’s with their new arrivals which felt like quite an honour and testament to MIA!

Isosec and Imperial team EHI Awards

Not only were we getting photographed ourselves, but we were doing some filming too. Whilst at Imperial we shot some footage for an upcoming case study video for MIA Maternity. It was wonderful to talk to the midwives themselves and hear how much MIA has changed their working lives. They were so full of praise that they were willing to capture it on film for us. A huge thank you to the midwifery team down there for that, you were such stars!

Isosec and North Star Digital filming at Imperial

You can see that video footage in the coming weeks on our brand new website, we’ll be sure to post it everywhere we can!